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Nature's Last Bow
We bubble out from the beginning.
We should be drowning, but we breathe
through tubes.  Bloody, as latex gloved hands
stretch into the mass.  Blinking lights and
shimmering faces sparkle all around us.
Everything so bright.  A canvas draped in ivy.  
Enveloped by nature, we frolic about,
growing like pungent daffodils.  Then text books,
loose leaf, pink erasers, yellow pencils are forcibly
shoved in front of our faces, and towering
figures loom above, droning on and on and on.
Yet still we stare, glossy eyed, out every windowpane at the landscape.
Gradually wires and robots creep in through the ceiling,
finally bursting through the walls; we ignore them.
They become natural, intertwined with our
vocal chords and flexing fingers. Whirring
gears mix with pixelated documents, the crutches
to our struggling brains.  We envision beauty from a swivel chair.
It's you, it's me, it's her, it's him, it's them.
Mingled together in a mob like mentality,
we stumble wit
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The Cloudy Veil
I feel cloudy today.
Wrapped in puffy, white flavorless cotton
Candy, surrounded by swallows and cranes;
Surrogate acquaintances to my thoughts.
Sunny smiles dab at my chest now and again,
Swirled together with a massive blue friend.
The sky is water today, as I dog paddle to land,
Breezes whisk me away and the leaves look like hands.
I feel foggy today.
I'm rubbing my eyes damn it, my forehead's wrinkled!
My shoulder blades jut out and bare my skeleton
For handguns and needles and half-raised eyebrows.
Snail-like movement plagues me; I'm waiting to be crushed.
Not quite snow or rain, just slippery sidewalk slush.
Drizzly in my home I sniffle and cough up mucus,
Shivering in a stratus prison, my sentence cumulonimbus.
I feel clear today.
Arms stretched high, cracking bones snap like rubber
Bands.  My eyes are diligent metal detectors
Sweeping minefields for chattering death traps.
Today, Mr. Sun blinds my eyes and they leak water,
I notice paths that lead to freedom while others l
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